Native American

Baylor, Byrd - When Clay Sings

Brucha, Joseph & London\, Jonathan - Thirteen Moons on Turtle's Back

Casler, Leigh - The Boy Who Dreamed of an Acorn

Cohlene, Terri - Dancing Drum

dePaola, Tomie - The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush

Edmonds, Susan - Native Peoples of North America

Freedman, Russell - An Indian Winter

Freedman, Russell - Buffalo Hunt

Goble, Paul - Iktomi and the Boulder

Hoyt-Goldsmith, Diane - Pueblo Storyteller

Hoyt-Goldsmith, Diane - Totem Pole

Kusugak, Michael Arvaarluk - Northern Lights the Soccer Trails

Liptak, Karen - North American Indian Sign Language

Martin Jr., Bill - Knots on a Counting Rope

Martin, Rafe - The Rough-Face Girl

Miles, Miska - Annie and the Old One

Norman, Howard - Who-Paddled-Backward-With-Trout

Scheer, George F. - Cherokee Animal Tales

Sekaquaptewa, Eugene - Coyote & The Winnowing Birds

Smith, Tom - Indians Coloring Book
Coloring Book

Waldman, Carl - Timelines of Native American History