Barney - The Turtle Who Lost His Shell

Bartlett, R.D.\, and Patricia - Turtles and Tortoises

Berger, Melvin - Look Out For Turtles!

Burns, Diane L. - Frogs, Toads\, and Turtles

DeSpain, Pleasant - Eleven Turtle Tales

Dodd, Lynley - The Smallest Turtle

Fowler, Allan - Turtles Take Their Time

Freschet, Berniece - Turtle Pond

Galdone, Paul - The Turtle and the Monkey

George, William T. - Box Turtle at Long Pond

Harper, Piers - Turtle Quest

Harrison, David - Little Turtle's Big Adventure

Kessler, Leonard - Old Turtle's Winter Games

Maris, Ron - I Wish I Could Fly
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Portable Pets - Turtle

Selsam, Millicent E. - Let's get Turtles

Stoddard, Sandol - Turtle Time

Waters, John F - Green Turtle Mysteries

Weeks, Sarah - Follow The Moon