February 9 -- Saidpur, Bangladesh

This morning we flew way north to Saidpur to visit 2 groups here. We had time before dark to visit Eastern Screen Printers. They took us through the entire process of how screens are made and how color is added to make cards, journals, gift bags and wrapping paper. First a pattern is drawn onto paper. Then the paper is copied onto the screens by using a type of photocopier with photography chemicals. The screens are then washed and ready to go. A different screen is used for each color. This requires lining up the image very carefully. This group of about 30 women wears masks because of the continuous exposure to harsh paint fumes. Suraiya has been working with this group with design ideas. There is a workroom upstairs where the cards are folded and packaged after printing. Shahjahan convinced some local girls to come inside and perform a traditional dance for us - very talented! During our visit to this group we got a taste of what inefficient electricity is like...candles are kept at the ready. After this visit we were invited to a wonderful meal at the home of the manager, Ghaysuddin. The women stayed in Canada House which was built by the Canadian government for Canadians staying in the area back when Siadpur's main trade was railroads. It was very nice and well kept and some rooms even had bathtubs!


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