February 10 -- Saidpur, Bangladesh

Action Bag is the other group in Saidpur Enterprises. They are a bigger (about 60 women) group that makes jute bags. Most of the women here come in only a couple times a week to drop off what they have completed and to pick up more materials. Also located here is the office and storeroom where women bring in what they have made at home. General activites take place here like cutting the yardage, quality control, and storage.
During our talks with Ghaysuddin we learned more about the history of the group and one thing really struck me as a wonderful idea to spread the work around. When each woman was paid, so monye was put aside in an account for her. Over time, when the money amounted to 5000taka (about $100) they were to leave the group and start a business of some kind. Back then $100 was enough to start a little store or buy a sewing machine or do something sustainable (not pay off bills or get a new roof). This made a spot available for someone else who needed help. Also, it promoted self-help.
After visiting with the Action Bag women, we headed back to the airport to fly back to Dhaka. I tried to take pictures out the window to capture what the countryside looks like. Some of the fields look like shiny tiles....those are rice fields covered in water!


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