February 4 -- Dhaka, Bangladesh

We got into Dhaka at 7 am and all made it through customs without problems. In fact the whole trip had been surprisingly uneventful, besides not having much sleep. Shahjahan Miah, MCC job creation and our leader in Bangladesh, and Keith Poe, MCC job creation administrator, met us at the airport. The first thing we did when we got through customs is to travel to the YWCA where we had about 20 minutes to clean up and then we were off to the MCC building to meet the staff. From there we got into a van for the 6 hour (if you're lucky!) drive to Agiljhara. This trip involved driving at what seemed like very high speeds for how much traffic there was....oh, and did I mention that they drive on the left side of the street??!! It takes a long time to get used to that. We had to wait for a ferry in order to cross the river. This is one of the few ways across and there are lots of people waiting all the time for the next ferry. Apparently there are many more bridges than there used to be, and the Japanese have helped to build more, but there still aren't any across the biggest rivers. So we drove further, and the roads got narrower and narrower. We arrived at the MCC guesthouse and offices which the women stayed in...9 women, 1 bathroom; bucket baths. I can't express how tired we were by the time we finally got there, so we didn't care what the beds were like....until we saw the rat the next night...!


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